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Ethernet Switch Solution for IEC 61850 Substation Implementation in Thailand
Company: Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA)
Location: Thailand
Year: 2018

Thailand is the 1st ASEAN county to roll out their masterplan for their existing substations and new substations as well. PEA has finalized their structure in 2018, which includes the high standard technical specifications for ethernet switch to comply with IEC61850 2nd edition, such as IEC61850 GOOSE and MMS with HSR/ PRP redundancy and IEEE1588v2 for time synchronization. The Live demo with interoperation test were also required to make sure the stability.

System Requirements
  • - IEC61850-3 Certified
  • - Operable over a wide temperature range of -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F) with long MTBF
  • - Dual Redundant Power Supply, hot-swappable
  • - Full Gigabit Layer 3 Ethernet Switch with up to 28 ports, Modular design
  • - Hardware IEEE1588 supported
  • - IEC62439-3 (HSR/PRP) supported
Kyland Solution

SICOM3028GPT is an intelligent modular platform which is an All-in-One solution integrating IEEE1588v2, HSR/PRP, full gigabit, and both layer 2 & Layer 3 availability specifically designed to operate reliably in electrically harsh and climatically demanding utility substation and industrial environments. SICOM3028GPT supports up to 28 gigabit fiber/copper ports, meets the IEC61850 and IEEE1613 standards. KEMA, CE, FCC, EN50155/EN50121, NEMA-TS2.


Ruby3A from Kyland is specially designed for reliable industrial networking realizing both PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-availability Seamless Redundancy) which are defined in IEC62439-3. The Ruby3A provides the ultimate in network reliability and zero failover time from network faults. Full FPGA hardware solution enables Kyland Ruby3A low switching latency and PRP/HSR is selectable via software with the same hardware platform. Precision time synchronization in accordance with IEEE 1588v2 is supported on Kyland Ruby3A.


PTS-10 is a modular-designed multifunction time server. It provides nanosecond accuracy time service for any industry fields. It supports GPS (Global Positioning Service), BDS (Chinese Satellite System), and GLONASS (Russian Satellite System) as sky time sources and PTP (Precision Timing Protocol), IRIG-B as ground time sources. PTS-10 also can generate accurate GOOSE signal to trigger an event to monitor IED time status in power system and provides GOOSE subscriber to send time status by IEC61850 MMS. It has been widely deployed in power, industrial automation and other industries.

Why Kyland
  • - One Stop solution with Ethernet Switch, HSR/PRP Redbox and GPS Timer server.
  • - KEMA certified Ethernet Switch ensure the reliability to operate under harsh environment.
  • - Strong background and experienced in IEC 61850 Substation implementation.
  • - 5-year warranty including Redbox and GPS timer server.
  • - Interoperability tests with almost ALL major protective relay suppliers.
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