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Integrated Automation System for Smart Substations in Uruguay
Company: Uruguay National Administration of Power Plants and Power Transmissions (UTE)
Location: Uruguay

The National Administration of Power Plants and Power Transmissions (UTE) is a Uruguay state-owned enterprise which is engaged in the power generation, transmission, and distribution serving 1.2 million customers throughout Uruguay.  The UTE project covers 86 substations with a power voltage range from 150KV to 500KV. All the substations distributed in 19 provinces belong to 4 regional control centers, the connection network is 4400kms long. An integrated automation system for substations was created based on these 4 control centers by successfully implementing all the latest power utility technologies including PRP, DHP/DRP, IEEE1588v2, and Goose Tunnel over IP network. The implementation of an advanced solution incorporating both multiple timing protocols and multiple service access solutions was key to saving system costs. Successful installation of the advanced technologies and used in this project was first introduced to international market by UTE and set the standard model for implementation.

System Requirements

1.IEEE1588 and IRIG-B multiple timing protocols coexistence and precision accuracy of the system is less than 1 micro second. 
2.System backup time server brings the timing into all integrated substation automation systems through E1 network.
3.Network redundancy, zero packet loss for critical subsystems while achieving network failover.
4.Regional control centers receive GOOSE packets from substations throughout the territories and realize the in-depth monitoring of substations. 
5.Multiple protocols from various business levels such as Serial and Ethernet data are accessible in the unique communication network.
6.IEC61850 compliant products.
7.Real time transmission of GOOSE/GSSE packets.
8.Ruggedized to withstand the harsh substation environment: strong protection EMI, extreme temperature variation, high surge protection. 
9.Flexible network structure and convenient network extension availability. Adding new nodes to the network will not have any impact on existing nodes. 

Kyland Solution

Kyland's GPT series SICOM6028GPT, SICOM3028GPT and SICOM3424PT, together with SICOM3306PT, have been deployed to form the main substation communication network. DHP/DRP (IEC62439-6) redundancy protocols have been implemented in the network. The relay protection equipment and sub system are connected through dual redundant networks and PRP (IEC62439-3) protocol ensures a zero packet loss if failover happens in the network.

Substation integrated automation systems realize time synchronization in accordance with IEEE1588v2 and the precision accuracy attains ±100ns. The system meets the Power Profile (C37.238) standard and realizes a standard time synchronization solution for the power system. Protocol conversion from IEEE1588 to IRIG-B is implemented through a Kyland PTC1000 clock convertor which provides timing for all equipment which does not support IEEE1588. 

Kyland's SICOM6028GPT/SICOM3028GPT modular industrial Ethernet switch series performs as master clock in the system by adding a GPS module. At the same time a PTP over E1/T1 module can also be installed to provide a backup time source by receiving the timing from the E1 network. Since all the substations are connected to UTE’s E1 network, timing from the atomic clock can be distributed to all substations through the E1 network as the backup time source of the master clock. 

The TMS (Timing Management System) is deployed to realize the monitoring and management of the time synchronization status from multiple timing protocols (IEEE1588v2, IRIG-B, SNTP) within the system. 

GOOSE Tunnel technology enables an upload path for GOOSE messages between substations and regional control centers and helps regional control centers gain thorough monitoring and management of all substations. 

A serial device server module with 4 selectable RS232 RS422 and RS485 serial ports is supported by Kyland’s SICOM6028GPT/SICOM3028GPT Industrial Ethernet Switches to access serial data. Data mirroring and flow control enable an efficient monitoring and management of serial data. 

An optional IRIG-B output module for the GPT series enables the conversion from PTP to an IRIG-B clock and PPS (Pulse Per Second). This allows the IRIG-B formatted industrial devices to receive PTP signals. 

Cyber security features, such as IEEE802.1X, Radius, SSH/SSL, SNMPv3, have been implemented in the system allowing the security of terminal access, data communication and network device management. Combined with the redundant firewalls between substations and regional control centers the safety of network access and data communication of the whole system is fully assured. 

Why Kyland

1.Kyland provides a turnkey solution for timing including the master clock, timing distribution devices and clock conversion devices which are fully compliant with IEEE1588v2, IRIG-B and Power Profile (C37.238). The precision accuracy of the whole system can attain ±100ns. 
2.High performance redundancy protocols DRP/DHP enable a failover recovery time of less than 20ms in a flexible network structure and no disturbance when expanding the network. 
3.PRP technology and zero pack loss/zero recovery time if failover happens within the integrated substation automation system. 
4.PTP over E1 interface enables the timing distribution from an atomic clock to all substations through the E1 network which provides a backup clock source in addition to the master clock served by GPS. 
5.The TMS (Timing Management System) allows for monitoring and management of the time synchronization status within the system.
6.Supports GOOSE Tunnel technology and realizes the transmission of GOOSE packets over the IP network. 
7.The modular platform of Kyland’s GPT series supports RS232/422/485, E1, Ethernet ports, and embedded industrial PC’s, allows access to a multitude of business data with one unified platform thus reducing additional equipment and potential fault points in the system – saving system costs. 
8.Cyber security features ensure safety of the network and data access. 
9.EMC level 4 fully compliant with IEC61850
10.Operating temperature of -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

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